Blended Families

Times have changed and as a result we have more blended families then ever.  One source says that “almost 2,100 blended families form in the United States everyday.” That’s a lot of potential for distrust, misunderstandings, emotional flare-ups, and misdirected anger or fear.  Here at Restoring Lives Counseling we understand that blending two families as one is...well...TOUGH!

Rest assured though, we’ve learned and honed methods/techniques that make the transition smoother.  We understand the pitfalls and how to make it through them.  (For example, oftentimes one of the step-children and their biological parent will feel left out or like the others in the family are not being fair with them.  After open discussion, a little clearing of the air, and some new communication skills, relationships improve and true healing ensues).  

Previous clients have said that family therapy for blended families can be “powerful and truly transformative.”  It’s almost a given that blended families will have struggles.  I (Jeff) have heard it said that a third of marriage/family problems cannot be solved.  W've learned that the difference between healthy and unhealthy families is that healthy families learn to adapt to and embrace differences, not use them as weapons.  Let's be real (that's all you'll get with us), if you do nothing your struggles are sure to get worse.  Call us today to begin the change that could keep your family together and strong!  

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