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Denver: 720-610-2889

1802 Chapel hills dr, ste A, colorado springs, co 80920

12640 W. Cedar Dr., Ste 7, Lakewood, co 80228



Through counseling we help:

...people who've spent a lifetime in shame find acceptance

...families who can’t stop fighting find true harmony and peace

  ...people who feel alone, forgotten or depressed find acceptance

...people who are trapped by anxiety find calmness

...people who are snared by trauma, grief and loss discover hope


Most people do nothing when emotional pain hits.  As a result, they fall deeper and deeper into depression, grief, anxiety, addictions, etc.  Mental health counseling with Restoring Lives Counseling, LLC can end this pattern of hopelessness.  

We are proud to join you in making Colorado Springs and Denver even healthier communities.  The sole purpose of Restoring Lives Counseling is to help ease and resolve the pain of anxiety, depression, shame, addiction, trauma, grief, loss, and a variety of other mental health concerns.  

Help that can’t help everyone, is no help at all.
Jeff (CEO)

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