Our Mission

To establish a place of restoration (body, mind and soul) for clients and workers alike where mental health professionals can feel the joy of therapeutic innovation, remain conscious of their mission to society, and help others to their heart’s content.  Always, putting quality before profit.

To pursue restorative activities in mental health and recovery treatment for the reconstruction of America’s mental health/recovery system and the elevation of the underserved.

Accomplished by

Eliminating any unfair profit seeking, provide more than fair pay, encouraging a manageable workload, and, finally, treating all clients (and workers) with the utmost respect and decency, despite socioeconomic/educational status.

Welcoming the difficulties inherent in mental health and focusing our efforts on highly effective treatments (and the skilled, dutiful implementation of said treatments) for the betterment of society as a whole, not for growth alone.

Placing our main emphasis on helpfulness to society and personal character.

Dedicated to true help for every client

Loving people - building hope - restoring lives

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Jeff, CEO, Co-Founder

Jeff Mowery, LPC | Counseling | Restoring Lives Counseling | Colorado Springs, CO 80920, 80903

Jeff was raised in the Midwest, born to a gritty steelworker and a tenacious orphan.  He spent his younger years playing baseball, trading baseball cards and getting an Oklahoman tan.  A rather ordinary start.  Then, in his late teens, Jeff developed several mental disorders (social phobia, agoraphobia and avoidant personality disorder, to name a few).  Alcohol and drugs became his constant companion.  At 27, Jeff became homeless for the first time.  He vividly remembers, “Salvation Army would let me in drunk at night when no one else would...”

Jeff attempted suicide on three separate occasions, leaving himself mangled and stabbed on the last attempt.  Jeff’s last season of homelessness finally ended at age 30.  Then, at a homeless shelter for alcoholics in Webb City, Missouri, his life really turned around when--for the first time--he was shown love, acceptance and the ways of recovery by a remarkable man named Kynan.  “He changed my life through total acceptance and grace!  Something I’d never known before,” Jeff says.  Through the years that followed, Jeff learned to cope with his disorders...without drugs and alcohol.  And a couple years after his last days on the streets, he met Angie and her two boys.

In his mid-thirties Jeff went back to school and became a licensed therapist.  “One day when I was homeless, I had my head on my black bag waiting to get into the day center for the homeless when it hit me.  I remember thinking that one day when I get out of this mess, I will become a therapist and provide quality counseling for anyone.” In addition to designing and building uniquely fine vintage/industrial furniture, Jeff is now a well respected psychotherapist in the areas of addictions, anxiety, grief, PTSD, and trauma.

The Restoring Lives Project was born out of both Angie and Jeff’s deep passion for restoring and building furniture, paired with their even deeper love and passion for being a part of other’s lives being restored. 

Angie, Co-Founder

Angela Mowery | Restoring Lives Counseling | Colorado Springs, CO 80903, 80920

Angie was born to traveling preachers from Michigan. They migrated to Oklahoma when Angie was five.  She spent her childhood “chasing boys and crafting,” she says with a smile. Singing marked the first years of her life:  she sang with her sisters before her dad preached/she sang in show choir/and in a punk rock band.  Later, Angie became an independent makeup artist using her artistic skill to beautify faces.

A more grim chapter of Angie’s story started when she was molested at age seven.  After this, rebellious, Angie first smoked pot at 12 and became pregnant at 17.  Her firstborn, Cullen, is extremely autistic and delayed (which initially caused her to branch out and find a way to work from home). Her second child, Ethan, attempted suicide at the tender age of seven because he’d found out his bio father had potentially committed a murder-suicide.

Another darker chapter began right after Jeff and Angie met, when during a rough financial stretch, Angie needed money and began selling her body.  She did this for a year before finally telling Jeff.  The two split and then later reconciled, “I knew I wanted to marry this man.  He was the first guy to give me a second chance.  And our love grew deeper from there.”

After Angie put an end to her prostitution days, she restored her first broken piece of furniture that she’d rescued from the side of the road. Meanwhile, so he wouldn’t get caught in the trap of "fixin" all her junk, Jeff concealed his wood and steel working prowess.  

Then, after hours of annoyance watching Angie stumble over tools to fix a buffet, he complied.  In the years that followed,  Angie’s new found love for restoring wounded furniture and Jeff’s rediscovery of his love for making and remaking furniture birthed Beauty from Ashes

We believe others helped shape the ashes of our lives into beauty and now—restored ourselves—we consider it our mission, purpose and lifework to help others be restored. We employ artisans that are prostitutes, homeless people, or otherwise broken because that’s what we used to be...broken. We strive to treat workers, volunteers and customers like they want to be treated, not how we would like to be treated.
— Angie and Jeff

At Beauty from Ashes and The Restoring Lives Project you will find innovative, beautifully hand-crafted designs that echo the nostalgia of days gone by...oh yeah, and I (Jeff) can offer you professional passion-driven counseling!  


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