What Forgiveness Certainly Isn't?

I’m sick of hearing people project onto others what their version of forgiveness is. “You haven’t forgiven me or else you’d have never brought it back up.” Or, “if you’d truly forgiven me, you’d condone my excuses etc.”

Hogwash! Pigs bathe themselves with more truth than this!

Come on? Do you expect me to be an idiot? If I forget what you did to me, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Well, low and behold, why should I be surprised when I recreate circumstances that encourage your less than desirable behavior to happen again? I especially hear this in Christian circles. “God throws it into the see of forgetfulness,” so should you. Well…I’m not God! I think He has a little more experience and a few more tools than moi and he probably has his own lake in Heaven “Sea of Forgetfulness” equipped with a giant, gold-plated flushing handle for this very thing. My toilet barely works in my house, let alone in my soul.

Should we beat ourselves up for feeling this way? No more than the guy who can’t stop viewing porn or the married gal that can’t seem to get that guy at work out of her mind should. I’m no expert, but I think this is why Jesus came and gave his life. So that we didn’t have to be perfect, acceptable, lovable…perfect at forgiving. I should have entitled this blog “Give Yourself Some Grace!”


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