Peace is a Road, Not a Destination

Years ago, I believed peace was something we got and kept when we figured out its magic formula. The harder I tried to catch it, the quicker it moved away though…like trying to grab a fly. Then, after open heart surgery, I discovered that I’d been on the road of peace for quite some time. I was just driving so intently that I didn't see the signage.

Dying before open heart surgery was like getting into a wreck on the road of peace and being forced to look around at the signs that said: slow down, you’re on the right road, no need to search anymore, just keep moving…trust.

After the surgery, I honestly didn’t know whether I would live or die. It felt like I was going to die most of the time. Despite all of this, I still felt peace. I knew in my heart that God had me either way. I would hear people saying things like “you’re healed, you have no more heart disease—which was obviously not true—everything’s great now.” But, these things meant little to me as I’d finally discovered that I’d been on the road of peace for quite some time and instead of agreeing with them, I’d become super thankful that my eyes had been opened to the breathtaking, scenic views on this calming road.

Maybe it’s time for you to start looking for the signs? Peace is not a destination, it’s a road.