You know? I’m not right about much…marriage has taught me this. And, to be honest, I see this as a strength. Understanding that being “right” about something is not the goal can be quite freeing actually. I used to be a an agonistic, a Pentecostal, a Baptist, etc. And all the while, I believed wholeheartedly that my beliefs were ironclad…they were “right.”

Well, after many events have bent my beliefs in new/different directions, I’ve learned to loosen my grip on the need to be right in recent years. I love the freedom of not having to know everything. Life can flow more naturally in this state.

There are, however, a few things I think I will always believe:

  • My Savior is Jesus

  • God wants what’s best for me…and you

  • People were made for love regardless of type

  • I suck at communication and math

Go ahead and try it! Relax that “need to be right” muscle and watch how perfectionism sees itself out the door…

How have your views changed over the years?

What are the things that you believe you will always believe?