Getting Through the Tough Stuff…In One Piece

Not gonna lie, this past year has been the toughest since I sobered up thirteen years ago.  Although very slowly, the thought of drinking again, over time, has crept up on me like a cheetah after it’s prey.  Not to worry though, thank the Lord I have the skills to get through those cravings/desires etc. Here’s the truth. Having two special needs children is not easy.  There’s just no easy way out of the troubles inherent:

  • one income

  • always having to be with the most severe one

  • the constant phone calls/complaints from schools, daycare etc.

  • the lack of real/consistent/quality help

  • a constant lack of finances, lack of genuine care from others

  • programs/funding ending

Here’s how we make it through:

Sit down and cry, kneel down and pray, and stand up and get to work controlling the only things we have control over:

  • Our attitude

  • How we choose to look at it

  • How we face the future

  • How we react to the lack of help from others (bitterness or compassion--not an easy one for me)

  • And, oh yeah, we have a great therapist!!!!

If you’re struggling adjusting to an unfair situation in life, give us a call, we can help….


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