Two Steps Ahead

Two Steps Ahead

After doing therapy for some time, it didn’t take me long to feel that I was involved in some kind of game as a therapist.  I began to feel like I was on candid camera or I was part of a mass prank.

You see, as a therapist you get to where you can predict the future. If you’re aware of things, that is.  Not in the psychic way, of course. More like you can just see what’s coming next in people’s lives. It’s really not that hard.  Just like all humans have similar eating patterns, we also have similar behavior responses and we don’t veer to one side or the other often.  

Last night, one of my supervisees said to me, “my client fired me.”  I said, “she’ll be back.” And what do you know, her client apologized that evening for her hasty behavior.  On another occasion, a client says to me “I’m sure I don’t want to do that.” And, knowing she would do it anyway, I said “you’ll have a smile on your face next time I see you.”  The next session, low and she comes all smiles.

You don’t have to be a genius to discover that humans play the same games over and over.  We really are creatures of habit. The great thing about this for you as a therapy client is that, odds are, if your therapist has paid attention at all in their dealings with their past clients, they can probably see where your situation is headed. And, again, if they’ve paid much attention, they’ve already put themselves two steps ahead of your situation.  Continually sorting through several different possibilities at once in order to best help you navigate your future.

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