Why Addiction?

Why Addiction?

Yesterday, I was thinking about why people become addicted.  Don’t remember where I heard this, but while thinking of this, something I learned years ago came back to me.  When we seek refuge in drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, love or whatever the addiction may be, we are attempting to satisfy one (or all) of these three needs:

  • To relax

  • To escape

  • To reward ourselves

For years, people have asked me how/why I don’t drink/drug anymore and what I do instead to have fun, I say. I always say, “I let life create those moments for me.”  I don’t artificially manufacture relaxation, escape, and or rewards for myself anymore. Instead, I allow life and good choices the chance to do this for me.”

And to be sure, life has created some pretty spectacular moments for me in the past 12 years of my sobriety...I’ve become a dad, married the women of my dreams, started an awesome business...on-and-on we go…

The same is possible for you regardless of how long/how deep you’ve been addicted.  Like losing weight, you have the advantage. It can come off a lot faster than you put it on...trust me.  

The challenge is that to relax, escape and reward ourselves takes time after we’ve sobered up.  If you’re not sure how to do this, let us help...it’s what we do!


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