Anxiety Tips and Tricks (Tip 2)

Subtle Anxiety Avoidance

We know that avoiding anxiety fuels it and that facing it increases healing.  What are ways we subtly avoid facing anxiety and what can we do about it?

Subtle avoidance:

  • Not speaking up when we really want to 
  • Letting someone else drive
  • Making up excuses for not going to a party/event
  • Getting jobs that don't require us to face anxiety
  • Using alcohol or drugs to self-medicate

What can help?:

  • Get yourself into AA or NA (or rehab) to help addiction
  • Get into Toastmasters to help you speak your mind (I did it a loved it…once I got over the fear).
  • Start driving little-by-little until you can drive normally again (you might need some therapy to help here).
  • Surround yourself with caring, compassionate people

I hope this helps...


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