Anxiety Tips and Tricks (Tip 3)

If you're trapped with dibilitating anxiety/panic right now, tell somebody.  Don't hold it in.  In fact, when you share this with others, you disarm anxiety's strength in your life.  For instance, before I won my trophy at toastmasters (and yes I'm proud of it), I would intentionally mention that I was struggling with anxiety while giving a speech (at the beginning of it).  Some may disagree with this, but, for me, sharing with others of my struggle did three things:

1.  Reminded me I wasn't alone (others would tell me that they were/are experiencing the same thing)

2.  It actually would lower my anxiety…probably because I didn't have to worry about people discovering that I suffered with anxiety problems (got it out of the way) 

3.  Made me realize that no one else was paying as much attention to my anxiety as I was (we're our worst critic)

Hope this helps,

Jeff M.


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