Reverse Anxiety: Part IIII, What I Say Anxiety Is Not

Again, anxiety is real, and real uncomfortable at times.  Yet, it is NOT: 

Caused by one thing:

While anxiety can obviously be caused by genetics, the complexity in overcoming anxiety speaks to it having a myriad of causes.  I’ll spare you the details but will rather summarize that anxiety can be caused by a complex dance of causal circumstances, including genetic predispositions, personality styles, brain chemistry, life itself and through spiritual interactions with the soul, I would add.  


For years I thought (and/or worried) that I was crazy.  I think all of us anxiety survivors do this.  At some point or another, we are either thinking (or worrying) that we are for sure crazy.  After all, who has panic attacks for no reason, avoids grocery lines, or fears losing control/throwing up/driving off cliffs/saying some crazy jumbled up nonsene word gibberish?  Not the normies we conclude.  We have to be crazy to have such notions.  Or do we?  

After spending some time as a therapist to gravely mentally ill individuals, I’ve become acutely aware of one of the things anxious people are afraid they are going to do or are afraid of becoming.  It seems we are scared to death of becoming psychotic or losing control (crazy we call it) of some aspect of ourselves, our lives or relationships.  The ironic thing is that the times I’ve checked with psychotic people about their psychosis, they’re almost one hundred percent of the time unaware of their psychotic episode.  And, at a later date, if they do become aware of it, they’ve experienced it much differently than we fear we would.  It’s almost like they don’t remember much at all about it.       

Do this:  survey (or at the very least) research people who suffer with psychosis.  Ask them question about their psychosis--what is it like, does it hurt, does it ever go away?...etc.  Is it possible to lead a decent life?  

Cured by one method, drug, alcohol, sexual act, Affair, distraction, suicide attempt, or prayer:

Just like anxiety doesn’t have only one cause, it cannot be cured by only one treatment/act/etc.  At least this has been my experience overcoming it and treating it.  Again, I don’t want to get too heavy with the jargon here.  There are plenty of concept heavy books explaining the ins-and-outs of anxiety and its cure.  I just want to give you some practical tips/knowledge that have helped me off the streets and back into a fulfilling life.  Tips I’ve learned through overcoming the last 27 years of extreme phobias and severe anxieties.

Jeff Mowery, LPC 

Want more help with anxiety/panic attacks?  Click on the link below.  While this book was written years ago, the concepts are evergreen.  This is one of my top 3 books on anxiety.  Saved my life actually!

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