Jeff's story at a glance.  What led him to the project...

The Restoring Lives Project is comprised of a group of radical volunteers, in Colorado Springs, fed up with the usual way of helping  

Homeless Outreach | Restoring Lives Project | Colorado Springs, CO 

The usual way of having to apply to help the homeless; wait..wait...wait some more; and then, follow all our rules of helping.  We believe people’s needs don’t vanish while you’re waiting to hear back from some volunteer coordinator who’s so caught up in red-tape she's about to pop!  No.  People are actually hurting unproductively, starving or even freezing to death on our streets while you wait to be approved to go out and do what is only human 

We're not about throwing money at the problem 

 “It’s not working,” Jeff says. “When I was homeless, no one came to me on a Friday or Saturday night to help me meet my needs.  No. I slept on benches and the only people helping me were the authorities who would tell me to leave the park.”

We’re the opposite.  We hunt down the ones rejected or turned down by homeless shelters and other typical sources of help.  During the week, we gather whatever useful goods the community (people like you) give us and on the weekends the fun begins.  We search alleys, dumpsters, caves, railroads, under bridges or wherever we believe the marginalized are and distribute whatever we have.  We’re not afraid of them and we’re not interested in waiting.  We are a company of take-action-now, rugged givers.

I want to make something clear about the Project.  We’re not enablers!  We all agree that helping (giving change, for instance) when this kind of help is not needed, is actually hurting.  Easing one’s own guilt by tossing money at someone is actually making room for more of the same in the future.  Giving money when money is not what’s needed, in our opinion, is a big reason the homeless stay homeless.  

If everyone keeps throwing money at them (the American way of fixing problems), he will have no need to seek out community resources. Or worse yet, if he has money to help him stay the same, he’s never forced to face the pain of his own reality (an instrument of change).
Homeless Outreach | Restoring Lives Project | Colorado Springs, CO

Our goal is twofold.

Provide whatever aid we can, to whomever needs it and, when we cannot, we will connect people to the ones who can. 
provide hope and love to whomever, whenever and however.


One thing I, Jeff, have learned from my experience as a drug and alcohol therapist (and as a former street-person) is that the sick need help staying sick.

It seems to me that, in this area, radical is the only way to go.  Jump into the conformity river and you are destined to be washed away by the current of complacency.  Next thing you know, your eyes are so muddied up by the system (the red-tape, the politics, etc.) that you can’t see the invisible ones anymore. 

We’re growing.  We’re always looking for radical doctors, dentists, lawyers, counselors, case managers and other helpers in Colorado Springs that are tired of a system were too many are falling through the cracks.  You don’t have to go to some foreign country to find the ones that need help.  Come with us, we’ll show you where they are.  I dare you, get off the couch, put your change back in your pocket and build a relationship with one of them. Watch who changes.