grief and loss

Loss can create a huge whole in a person’s life.  Loss of a loved one, a job, a home, a friend, a way of life can all create a crushing sense of grief.  Your trained counselor at Restoring Lives Counseling will gladly and methodically walk with you on your journey to healing from these kinds of losses.

Our team at Restoring Lives Counseling understand that the above are not the only types of losses people have to grieve.  We understand too that there are losses associated with giving up negative behavior(s) that have to be grieved as well.  For example, if a person stops drug abuse, or stops pretending to be ill, they will have to grieve what the drug or negative behavior did for them.  After all, who would continue to do something that didn’t do anything for them?  There is almost always a payoff.  For the addict, when they stop, it might be the sense of comfort, creativity, or energy they lose.  For the person who's faking an illness, when they stop, they may lose the attention of others, comfort of others, or the security of a constant check.  We will help you with these kinds of losses too.  

Regardless of the type of loss and grief you're experiencing, your therapist will gladly work hard to help you remove obstacles to growth and to create a safe and secure environment for change to take place.    

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