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No two families are the same.  The family dynamic is made up of several moving parts.  Family behavioral patterns, communication styles and unspoken rules are all different from one family to the next.  At Restoring Lives Counseling we believe families are sacred.  Strong families are what solid communities are made of.  

Family counseling starts by targeting what needs to change.  After this is established you and your therapist will use those objectives as an anchor point.  From there, your therapist will use various proven family therapy methods/techniques to work to keep the sessions focused on helping change occur.

Family counseling with one of our trained therapist can help the whole family learn new, more healthier ways to resolve problems and prevent future challenges from spiraling out of control.  

Family counseling is both powerful and life changing.  It can be the sole treatment or can be used in conjunction with other forms of counseling.    

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