Jeff Mowery, MA, LPC


When tragedy strikes, pain doesn't have to win. I've helped countless individuals overcome addiction, trauma, grief, anxiety and depression and go on to live a satisfying life. I'm overjoyed to help you and your family discover hope.

I can't wait to hear from you!




Sami Reynolds


Self-help can be a very looming and scary step in moving forward to make a better life for yourself and those who care about you. I am here to provide open arms and a warm welcome to our behavioral health practice, and our wonderful clinicians so that you can be nurtured and feel not only that you are in a comfortable, but in a safe environment as well. Life can create various sadness and trauma that force you down to a place where you feel there’s no way out, but I promise you there is always a way, and we’d love to help you on your own personal journey to self-healing. Helping others who feel lost in their own lives is very near and dear to my heart, and I would never take any of your personal feelings lightly. Finding the therapist that is the right fit for you is critical, and I would be honored to be a part of that. I hope to hear from you soon!




Krista Wilson, RP


Are you struggling to know who you are and how who you are makes a practical difference in your life? Maybe you have wounds that make it hard to think about that first question. We are all "diamonds in the rough," in need of some scraping and polishing and clarifying. However, once the grime and dirt is wiped away, our precious true self can live fully and freely.

This is Krista's goal in therapy. Life can be overwhelming, off-balance, and painful. We all need these times in life to be witnessed by others. In sessions, Krista hopes to hold open space for you to know who you are, live according to that discovery, and feel known and seen. Healing comes through connection, awareness, and hope. If any of those are confusing or elusive for you, she would love to bring them into focus with you!

Krista specializes in areas of anxiety, depression, identity, and trauma. She is pursuing her MA in Clinical Counseling at Adam's State University. She loves reading, hiking, restoring things (most recently a 1985 VW Cabriolet), her partner, Chris, and her doggo, Bradley. You could talk to her for hours about John Mayer, James Taylor, John Steinbeck, and 30 Rock (the TV show). She can't wait to meet you.







Whether you're experiencing overwhelming stress, substance abuse, relationship problems, a struggle to overcome an experience in the past, being 'stuck' and your own resources aren't enough, having support is essential. I find it a high honor to get to explore who you are and who you want to be. I want get to know you and your world, your understanding of life, your language. To discover your skills, strengths, and resources. To find creative ways to deal with the stresses and problems that life throws our way. I want to walk alongside you while you discover authenticity, meaning, purpose and joy in your life. I want to share the burden and create space for you to learn and grow.






Trauma can crush dreams and break hearts. Do you feel unheard or invalidated? Like no one understands your pain? Maybe you feel like you’ve lost yourself and tried everything to cope, but still feel empty, angry, and alone. What if someone could guide you in truly defining who you are and help you design a clear path back to yourself? You deserve to be heard, to learn helpful coping skills, and to discover self-care techniques to ease your pain. No one should have to walk this journey alone!

Katie loves working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and those struggling with substance abuse. Katie works from a feminist lens, challenging clients to improve their self-worth and to gain a sense of empowerment. Her Master's Degree is in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in addiction treatment.

Together, you and Katie will build on your strengths while remaining sensitive to your struggles. Using techniques that incorporate the body and the mind, you will form a plan to empower you to create happiness and fulfillment. With Katie's guidance and expertise, you can gain the strength to face life’s uncertainties.




Paula Nehez


My name is Paula, and I am excited and passionate about helping others. I believe that advocating and helping connect people to resources is an important aspect of the healing process. Sometimes people need help, they just do not know where to start. That is my purpose and role: to connect clients with available resources no matter who they are and no matter what the need may be.

I have always had a heart for people, especially those hurting and in need. I have participated in a missions trip to Mexico as a teenager, volunteered in community outreach programs such as the Urban Peak Youth Shelter in Denver, provided mentorship for troubled teens through Second Chance Through Faith, and more recently acquired jackets for homeless children in need. I also worked in WA state for para-transit services. I will graduate this year with my Bachelor of Behavioral Health Science degree with a focus in family dynamics from GCU, and I will eventually get my Master’s in counseling. I am a Colorado Native. I love being outdoors, baking, playing board games, and spending quality time with my husband and three children. I am honest, caring, reliable, God fearing, and determined.



Jan Tomski, MA, LMFT


Our history does not determine our present or future. We can work with our strengths and overcome challenges to be stronger, happier and more resilient. This is true for individuals, children and families.

This also especially true for those of us who are unique and different. It may take us a bit longer to find our place in the world, but when we get there, we tend to love our work and our relationships.

I understand. I am a survivor too.

And, I would be honored to share part of your journey with you. It has been my good fortune to have the opportunity to work with all types and constellations of families, children and individuals. I am pragmatic, strength based (even if you are unaware of your strengths) safe (sometimes silly) and non-judgmental. I feel it is important to consider all of you; your environment, institutions you may be dealing with, people who are important in your life, your work, health, hopes and dreams. It doesn’t matter where you are or where we start. We will continue to make progress until things are better.

May your life be restored to a place of peace and joy!




Kim Marshall, MA, LPCC


Are you tired of being controlled by your past? Are your interpretations of life distorted, interrupting your relationships with loved ones, friends and/or your career? Has your filter of life become clogged by hurts, betrayals, and disappointments, leaving you wondering “how did I get here?”

Together, let’s explore what’s currently true for you and how this impacts the choices you’re making; the relationships you’re building; and the challenges you’re facing. Are you ready to break through the wreckage of your past?

Discovering who you are doesn’t have to bring pain. My desire through this journey with you is to help you master the art of personal acceptance. Yes, we will work through painful memories, thoughts, and relationships. But doing so will unlock so many new doors for happiness to enter your life. I’m excited to help you discover the new you!




Brittnie Gallegos, MA, LPCC


I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am the oldest of 4 children. Addiction and trauma have been a focal point throughout my whole life, and the focal point in my parents, and grandparents lives. I grew up seeing and feeling the impact of addiction. There was nothing more I ever wanted then to have a sober mother and father. Through their addiction, I lived through trauma. Through trauma I lived with addiction for 8 years. I dismissed education, and anything else, because nothing came before my addition. I lived a life of pain and heartache.

At the age of 21 I found myself homeless, and addicted. I had no family as they all too were struggling with their own trauma. I was broken. I wanted a better life but didn’t know how. As I grew up in and out of detention homes, I found people who really cared and who really wanted to make a difference in the lives of people like myself. They talked about education. Education, my husband and my children saved my life. At 21, I made the change, and that change was to better myself. I decided to become a counselor.

At 26, I had my first-born child. I thought I couldn’t have children, and I prayed for a month straight while in one of the deepest depressions I have ever experienced. At the end of that month, I found out I was pregnant. My faith in a higher power was restored, however I soon found out that she had hydrocephalus, and severe epilepsy. Today she is 6 years old, and the brightest star in my galaxy. Through this, I struggled with my faith in a higher power. I thought God was playing a joke on me to give me a child who the world perceives as damaged. She is different, she has taught me unconditional love and acceptance. Three years later, I had my second, and then a year after that my third child. I live free of addiction and the effects of trauma, because of my love for my family, and the love I have to connect with others.

I work with individuals, couples, families, and youth. I work with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss. I ask you to join me in a warm and welcoming therapeutic environment where we can focus on you and what your needs are. Together we will build you up, and I help inspire you to be the best you.




Colin Baker, MA, LPCC


Are you feeling isolated, broken...like you don’t fit into the puzzle of life? Shame is real and it can drain the life out of a person if not handled properly. I understand the pain of the words “should” and “must.” They can bulldoze through a life. Leaving behind the remains of broken self-esteem, mangeled self-worth and a mutilated sense of identity.

There is hope. Together will we develop and implement a plan of healing the shame that has interrupted the natural flow of who you are. Step-by-step I will walk alongside you as you discover freedom from expectations/norms/standards.

Seeking help is a huge step and I promise to do my best to remain sensitive to this. It makes sense that you’d be dissatisfied with life, overwhelmed by worry, or preoccupied with your past? And I understand. I aim to help you uncover who you really are and help you build a future full of laughter, peace and wholeness.

I love working with children, teenagers, and adults. I have a special interest in LGBT difficulties and I offer services to clients all across the gender and sexuality spectrum.

Kindness, compassion, and patience are the hallmark of my approach to your pain.




Nannette Amodeo, MA, LPC,


Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important…” -Ambrose Redmoon

Coming to therapy, whether it is your first time or your 100th, can be challenging. We have a million reasons to avoid it: we don’t have the time, the needs of others are more important, plain old skepticism gets in the way, or we are terrified about what coming to therapy might mean. But if you are reading this page, maybe you are beginning to realize that YOU are that something more important! Some part of you is ready to face down the doubts or fears and create the life you really want.

We cannot change your past, but it does not need to define you. The rest of your life is in your own hands. Are you ready to be the hero of your own story? If so, I am excited to work with you. Building on your own strengths you can develop new insights, tools, and skills. Strategies like EMDR are specifically designed to safely target and resolve the effects of trauma on our bodies and thoughts. You don’t have to wait until you aren’t afraid anymore, or for the timing to be ‘just right’.

I’d be happy to tell you all about my ‘alphabet soup” of degrees and trainings (LPC, CBT, DBT, CAT, EMDR, Acudetox). Until then, know that while education gave me the brain for therapy, my own journey is what gave me the heart for it! Many years ago, lost in a hell of depression, anxiety, and trauma, I was at the whim of subconscious choices that only increased the rollercoaster of my life. Isolated within myself, I was driven by equal doses of perfectionism and self-sabotage. With help from some great people, I made it home to myself, the me that had been buried under all the fear, pain, and lies I had believed in the past. So, I don’t just say therapy works, I know it. I’ve lived it.

I can’t do the work for you, and your journey may be very different than mine, but if you are ready to do the work, I would be honored to help. You are not alone.




Leah Ortiz, RP


Telling a story is powerful. Telling one’s own story is even more captivating. Have you ever been able to tell your story without fear of judgment, criticism, or comparison? Do you ever feel as if you are living a double life? Do you find yourself constantly changing or covering up your story in order to please others? Are you haunted by the fear that others will not approve of who you really are or what you’ve done? Is depression, anxiety, or loneliness stealing the joy of living? Are you tired of hiding?

I invite you to step into a place of safety: a place where you can share your story in a vulnerable and honest way without fear of judgment. I invite you to step into a place of freedom: a place where together we can create healing, joy, hope, and newness. I invite you to step into a place of rediscovery: a place that empowers you to live your life with confidence instead of shame, deliverance instead of guilt, and peace instead of anxiety.

Stepping into that place, stepping into that counseling office might be frightening, overwhelming, or unfamiliar but stepping into that place that offers safety, freedom, and rediscovery might be exactly what you need. You do not need to carry your burdens alone. Allow me to hear you, to walk beside you, to support you as you begin this journey of refinement.