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Sami Reynolds


Self-help can be a very looming and scary step in moving forward to make a better life for yourself and those who care about you. I am here to provide open arms and a warm welcome to our behavioral health practice, and our wonderful clinicians so that you can be nurtured and feel not only that you are in a comfortable, but in a safe environment as well. Life can create various sadness and trauma that force you down to a place where you feel there’s no way out, but I promise you there is always a way, and we’d love to help you on your own personal journey to self-healing. Helping others who feel lost in their own lives is very near and dear to my heart, and I would never take any of your personal feelings lightly. Finding the therapist that is the right fit for you is critical, and I would be honored to be a part of that. I hope to hear from you soon!



Counseling Colorado springs anxiety depression

Amanda Crossland, MA, LPC, EMDR


Are you desiring to live more fully and deeply? I can help you identify and implement changes to improve your day to day life by offering a space of acceptance and authenticity.

Benefits of working with me on your journey for change include: a calming presence, listening and empathetic ears, as well as, experience in navigating the change process.

My approach to therapy is eclectic which offers you a variety of treatment modalities. Additionally, I am a creative thinker who is able to see the big picture while maintaining attention to detail.

I would be honored to journey with you and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Claudia Erek, MA, LPCC


My goal is to provide you with a safe, emotional space where you will feel comfortable, relaxed and know that you are being heard. I want you to be able to express yourself freely without any fear of judgement. Healing takes place when you are able to be open, honest and vulnerable. Throughout my practice, it has been an honor to help facilitate extraordinary transformation in the lives of my clients. Believe me when I say that, “Anything is possible,” as I have witnessed my clients overcome trauma, grief, depression, anxiety and hardcore drug addiction.

Often, our feelings of shame, hurt and fear rob us of the opportunity to experience true joy and fulfillment in our lives. Do you find yourself running from these feelings or always fighting against them? Instead, I can help you embrace them and work through them. It is through this process of transformation where you learn to find acceptance, meaning

and purpose in your life. This leads to living with self-authenticity, and this is when you experience true joy and fulfillment. I look forward to being your catalyst for change. Together, we will take this journey and progress at your own pace. I encourage you to take the first step and make an appointment. Your life is worth it!





Whether you're experiencing overwhelming stress, substance abuse, relationship problems, a struggle to overcome an experience in the past, being 'stuck' and your own resources aren't enough, having support is essential. I find it a high honor to get to explore who you are and who you want to be. I want get to know you and your world, your understanding of life, your language. To discover your skills, strengths, and resources. To find creative ways to deal with the stresses and problems that life throws our way. I want to walk alongside you while you discover authenticity, meaning, purpose and joy in your life. I want to share the burden and create space for you to learn and grow.




Bruce Bonin, MSW, LSW


“Every cloud has a silver lining.” - John Milton (1634)

Thank you for taking the first and perhaps the most difficult step in pursuing change in your life. Coming to the decision to seek help in any situation can be difficult, frightening, and emotionally taxing for yourself and those you love. I want to assure you that those of us here at Restoring Lives are here to listen and help to find the best solution possible for your therapeutic care.

Bruce is excited about working, healing, and providing lasting resources to individuals and their families who have experienced challenges personally or within their relationships. His experience, education, and training during his time in practicing social work and psychotherapy has included modalities that extend from individual, couples/marriage, family, and group therapy from a psychoanalytic and environmental perspective. His areas of expertise include Trauma (including Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Purposelessness, Attachment, Divorce, Parenting challenges (including blended families), Academic and School challenges (including bullying), Addictions, Dissociation, Somatization, and Mood Disorders.

Bruce firmly believes in helping and healing through education. He has earned his Bachelors’ of Social Work with additional emphases in Psychology and Sociology from Colorado State University Pueblo and Masters’ degree in the field of Clinical Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University. He has been practicing in the field of Social Work since then and is a Licensed Social Worker with the state of Colorado. He has interned and worked within direct care facilities, healthcare agencies, hospitals, schools, treatment facilities, and private practice for the past half decade, specializing in crisis management, resourcing, and trauma informed care practices.


Counseling anxiety trauma PTSD

Megan McCann, MSW, LSW


Thank you for being here, on this website, and taking the time to invest in yourself. When circumstances are leaving you feeling hopeless and anxious, like you’re barely holding your head above water, you need someone in your corner. A space to take a deep breath and develop a dialogue focused on recovery, hope, and learning to be kind to your inner self. My goal in working with you is that you feel heard and empowered to create positive change. It is my honor and privilege to start this journey together.


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Brittnie Gallegos, MA, LPCC


When human beings experience trauma and/or severe life stressors, life can unravel and some may feel broken to the point they think they cannot go on. Having had tremendous loss and pain, I understand what being broken feels like, but I am here to tell you, you do not have to live like this. Not every person is alike, and every person I counsel helps shape my perception of life. It has helped shape my personal values, and I honor every single client I counsel. My greatest accomplishment has been my ability to heal others. I believe I am able to do so, because of my ability to experience trauma and come out on the other end as a peaceful, complete, whole, and safe human being. I want you to know that you too can become a peaceful, complete, whole, and safe person. I want you to know that all your struggles and experience through trauma are your personal experiences and they shape who you are, and you will find that who you are is a beautiful, strong, and resilient human being who is able to look towards the future while honoring your past. I believe that together we will learn how you can accept and love yourself. Your ability to love yourself will shape your current relationships with others, and you can finally find happiness.

Brittnie Gallegos a licensed Restoring Lives Project Psychotherapist who understands that no single approach to counseling is right for everyone, and so she has had training in a number of modalities including Gestalt Therapy, Gestalt Play Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Brittnie works with children, adolescents, adults, and families. As a child Brittnie has experienced domestic violence, abuse, and neglect, and so her greatest passion is working with children. Her personal experiences have shaped her ability to be compassionate, non-judgmental and humanistic, and she has the tools necessary to help you begin your healing process.

Brittnie’s educational background includes a B.S. in Psychology from the University of New Mexico, and an MA in Clinical Mental Heath Counseling from New Mexico State University which was honored one of the top Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs in the United States. Brittnie is currently taking anxiety and trauma informed classes as well as working towards a Certification in Addictions Counseling (CAC).



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Colin Baker, MA, LPCC


Are you feeling isolated, you don’t fit into the puzzle of life? Shame is real and it can drain the life out of a person if not handled properly. I understand the pain of the words “should” and “must.” They can bulldoze through a life. Leaving behind the remains of broken self-esteem, mangeled self-worth and a mutilated sense of identity.

There is hope. Together will we develop and implement a plan of healing the shame that has interrupted the natural flow of who you are. Step-by-step I will walk alongside you as you discover freedom from expectations/norms/standards.

Seeking help is a huge step and I promise to do my best to remain sensitive to this. It makes sense that you’d be dissatisfied with life, overwhelmed by worry, or preoccupied with your past? And I understand. I aim to help you uncover who you really are and help you build a future full of laughter, peace and wholeness.

I love working with children, teenagers, and adults. I have a special interest in LGBT difficulties and I offer services to clients all across the gender and sexuality spectrum.

Kindness, compassion, and patience are the hallmark of my approach to your pain.




Candice McDonald, MA, LPCC,


When feelings of stress are beginning to build up and a loss of control seems to be more and more inevitable, I can help. If you are having difficulty dealing with every day life or that everyone is against you, then lets talk about it. Putting yourself first will help bring out the best version of yourself. By making the steps to seek counseling, you will develop skills to help when life throws challenging situations your way.

Collaborating with you to create goals that work for you is the key. In knowing yourself, you understand what may or may not work for you. I am here to facilitate and guide you in your decision making. In doing so, I can help you to find peace as well as create more peace in your life.

I understand that you are hurting and I want to help. I have been able to connect with many people and together, they were able to go on living happy and healthy lives. I want to be able to offer that same harmony in you. Please contact me for more information and scheduling an appointment.